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Let your ears be the judge! Your factory speakers may sound okay to your ears, but have you wondered what better sounds like? It's no secret that factory car speakers are designed to be cost-effective, not great sounding. Quality aftermarket speakers allow you to enjoy your music loud and clear. There are lots of options for every budget and musical preference, as well as different sizes and types to fit whatever you drive. Take the first step to better sound by upgrading your speakers!


Also known as an acoustic suspension. This box is great for all kinds of music and has the broadest range of frequency response.  You have the most accurate sound, but you will need to make sure you have plenty of power.


also known as a vented enclosure. These boxes really bring out the low frequency  by releasing the rear wave of the woofer through a specially tuned port. When paired with compatible woofers, these boxes are great for those who want a little extra boom for their buck but still demand great sound quality.


The woofer is housed inside of the box with only ports allowing the bass to escape. This type of box has a limited frequency response, but what it lacks in response you gain in SPL.  We only recommend this type of box for those on a budget that want a lot of bass and are not as concerned with sound quality.

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The experts at Foss Audio & Tint have a great deal of experience installing subwoofers in all types of vehicles. We support and sell the best brands including Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio, Alpine and others. Call us or drop by today and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for you. Also be sure to check out our promotions page to see if we’re running any specials on subwoofers.

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