If you’ve never owned a remote car starter you’re missing a wonderful convenience feature. These fabulous gadgets allow you to start your vehicle from some distance away, for instance, from inside your house. This lets you warm up or cool down your vehicle before you get in. Even in the Seattle area where it doesn’t get terribly cold, you will absolutely appreciate getting into a car that’s warm and cozy and has clear windows.

On the flipside, on those hot summer days a remote start can be used to cool the car down too. Just activate the remote start system a few minutes before you would like to go, and your car will be cool and comfy inside.


A remote starter can be used alone or as part of a more sophisticated system that includes security, mobile phone integration, vehicle tracking and much more. Using mobile phone integration you can control your remote start and/or security system via an application on your phone. This allows you nearly unlimited range and the ability to monitor your vehicle’s status on a moment’s notice right from your smart phone!

If you really want to go the distance we can also install seat heaters in your vehicle. Imagine getting into your car on a chilly winter day and having the car warmed up AND the seats nice and toasty too!