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Gone are the days of shaft radios and standard cut-outs; vehicles these days come a ton of  different dash-design each one seeming to try and outdo the others for smooth integrated looks. This makes for a nice clean interior but can turn adding an aftermarket stereo into a nightmare.

Car Stereo Installation Kits are designed to match the factory dash cut-out and contour allowing you to add a new stereo with having to resort to custom molding plastic. These kits are essential for almost every vehicle on the road today.

Stereo Wiring Harnesses are completely color coded to your new aftermarket stereo's wiring and feature a plug designed to match your vehicle's plug. So if you can match colors and work a wire crimper a Car Stereo Wiring Harness allows you to install your new radio in minutes, and without a degree in electrical engineering assuming you know  how to take your dash apart and put it back together again!

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CANBUS, LANBUS, Onstar...all of these vehicle interface protocols can spell nightmares when trying to put a new stereo in your  vehicle. That's where an Aftermarket Receiver Interface Adapter comes in. These are designed to easily integrate a new stereo while retaining all of the factory functions such as retained accessory power, door chimes, etc. They are also color coded for easy installation.  We recommend  to not try and wire around these at it might cause many problems from warning lights on your dash to service technicians not being able to use diagnostic equipment on your car.

If you've got an iPod, MP3 player, CD player, or even a DVD player that you want to hook up to your car stereo, then we've got the adapter for you.   The best way to add this to a factory radio is an integration piece that allows you to control your audio device using the buttons on your radio.  Next track, previous track, and volume controls are all basic features we take for granted.  These adapters integrate these important car stereo features with your device allowing the car to have control.  If you're steering wheel radio controls they won't work for your iPod and iPhone also

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