The best way to make your boat even better is by adding a great-sounding audio system.  Just as important as it is to ensure that your system can stand up to harsh marine weather, it's very important to make sure that your system is designed by an expert that understands the challenges that a boat presents.  Whether you're looking for back ground noise or enough bass to make your own waves, we have the experience to make your boat stand out on the water. 

  • Use the Ipod Control or Bluetooth to get your portable music device playing on your boat.

  • Remote Controls can be placed on the swim deck and anywhere else you want so you don’t need to leave the water to switch to the next song.

  • Amplifiers to boost the sound over the biggest engines and all the wind noise you can create.

  • Subwoofers to add a full rich sound.

boat audio.jpg
boat audio 2.jpg