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Foss                                                                             Online

Free Expert Design                                                          Buy and Hope things work well together

Free Service Exchange                                                   $120 Per Hour Service Exchange

In Stock Now                                                                       2 or More Days Waiting Time

720 Day Exchange Warranty with Install                30 Day Exchange Warranty

Guaranteed Performance                                             Not Available

Platinum Install Service                                                 Not Available

Same Day Repair                                                               Not Available

Money Stays Local                                                           Money Goes to Wall Street

After Install Instruction                                                  Not Available

No Charge for system Incompatibility                     $120 Hour Labor

Product to Listen to and Test                                       Not Available

A Real Person to Talk to                                                 A Keyboard to Talk to

With Platinum Install you Never Send                     Ship Product for Repair after 30 Days

Product to Manufacturer.                                             Then wait Up to 120 Days for Repair

Exclusive High Performance  Products                   Not Available

Lifetime Product Upgrade Program                          Not Available

Contact Owner               Richest Guy In the World

Or set up an appointment                                              Won't Talk With You

100% Focus On Fixing up Vehicles                            #1 Seller In Automotive  = Snow Brush

Computer Aided System Design                                 Not Available

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