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Desde el principio, la pasión por el audio móvil fue la fuerza impulsora esencial que llevó al centro de diseño de Hertz, ubicado en Italia, a ganar el desafío interminable de la innovación utilizando las tecnologías más avanzadas.

Hertz fue fundada en 1998 por un equipo de especialistas italianos de la industria de 12 voltios con una misión específica en mente: llevar la experiencia de sonido real a la vida de los fanáticos. Cada nuevo proyecto parte de las necesidades de los entusiastas y se desarrolla para conectarlos directamente con el estilo de vida único dedicado a buscar el placer de escuchar en el móvil:La experiencia de sonido de Hertz.

Dieci car audio systems let you realize a high-quality audio system with the utmost in simplicity. High-performance materials, such as the neodymium motor assembly and the PEI membrane, ensure an extended high-frequency range.


Dieci DSK 165

To meet all installation needs, without giving up on Hertz quality and performance, the Dieci coaxes were designed with maniacal care to provide linear frequency response and ensure high reliability.


Dieci DCX 165

CK 165 features the new C 26 tweeter for detailed and natural reproduction of medium-high frequencies. SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) preserves the natural sound of paper and enhances it with Mica powder improving rigidity.


Cento CK 165

CPX 165 provides the thrill of listening to the Hertz sound even when the vehicle does not allow the installation of a two-way kit. The basket features a dampened and protective rubber coated magnet.


Cento Pro CPX 165

CPX 690 is the best solution for enthusiasts who love highly dynamic listening with low engaging frequencies and want to make the most of the rear deck mount.


The new CS 250 s2 Cento subwoofer is the perfect enhancement to every sound system, to fully enjoy the authentic Hertz Sound Experience! High performance with boxes starting from 16 l.


MPK 165.3 has been designed to ensure a wide low frequency response, even in cars with no space for a subwoofer. Thanks to the V-cone® and Boundary Free Surround technologies the it boasts outstanding dispersion.


MLK 1650.3 Legend is Hertz top of the line two way kit dedicated to purists , aiming at achieving maximum timbre consistency combined with very high dynamics and extremely extended frequency response.


Cento Pro CPX 690

Cento CS 250

Mille Pro MPK 165

Mille Leyenda MLK 1650

The SV 165.1 features a solid, robust structure with a copper voice coil wound on a two-layer KSV former, for unheard-of thermal and mechanical capability also in extreme circumstances.


Espectáculo SPL SV 165

ST 25 features a 25 mm CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminium Ribbon) voice coil features with an extremely powerful neodymium magnet designed for maximum high frequency acoustic pressure.


Espectáculo SPL ST 25

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