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Bajo, ¿qué tan bajo puedes ir?


Todos sabrán que eres tú desde cuadras de distancia con los submarinos Rockford Fosgate en tu viaje. 

Power series subwoofers have always been known for class-leading performance, power handling, and output capabilities. This time our speaker engineers far surpassed expectations by not only recreating the T2 series of woofers from the ground up but also introducing our newest additions to the family; the T3 19” and T1 Slim series of woofers.

Power Subwoofers.png

Subwoofers de potencia

Built on a long-standing history of performance, the Punch series of woofers can deliver not only output to satisfy you when you want it loud but maintain a level of sound quality for when you really want to “listen” to your music.

Punch Subwoofer.png

Punch Subwoofers

Looking to add some bass to your existing audio system or wanting to design your first full audio system from the ground up? Our Prime series of woofers are built using many of the same speaker technologies that Rockford has made famous for over 30 years and you won’t break the bank buying one.

Power Subwoofers.png

Subwoofers principales

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